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Does your business stand out?

Bold Marketing Services is a boutique marketing company - experienced marketers assisting small and medium sized business become a stand out in the market place. We are seriously tuned in to what you need today to be competitive. With more than 23 years experience in sales and marketing across a range of industries from finance to television to tourism, we understand traditional marketing principles and relate them to the fast paced digital world that you find yourself in today.

We want to work with you if you strive to be the best in your industry. Does your business champion knowledge, expertise and customer service? Do you believe that positive, strategic, long term results take solid planning, hard work and time? 

If you are that business or want to be that business then don't think about it any longer - get in touch today. We would love to help you make your business stand out.

Do yourself a favour & claim your business page!

What are you waiting for? You will need to spend just 10 minutes to claim your business page on Google to see the benefits. 

I am astounded at how many businesses have not claimed their business page on Google or who don't actually have a Google account. To provide a little more incentive and to motivate you to claim your business page NOW read on and learn about the 4 big positives this simple, quick 10 minutes from your day will have for your business.

1. Allows you to be found by potential customers who are online right now. When you fill in your business details including your location details your business is then ready to come up in local searches on the Google Search Engine. Not having your business profile present means your competitors can rank higher in the listings in your absence.

2. Claiming your business gives you credibility and Google will be happier to help existing or potential customers find you easily. Raising your ranking means more traffic directly to your website and your social platforms. In particular posts on Google+ will often come up in page 1 searches again improving your ranking on Google. 

3. Claiming your business enables you to update your business information so that it is current and relevant and you don't miss potential sales. It ensures that your customers are getting the most recent information and that your contact details are up to date. 

4. If your competitors have not claimed their page then it gives you an opportunity to be in front of customers searching for your product or service first! Don't give your competitors an inch - claim your page now.



Oh Hallelujah! Can you do this?

So the other day I was researching how to see my news feed on Facebook from my phone. Well I'm still searching that one but what I did work out was how to schedule a post on Facebook that I want to share. Oh Hallelujah! You know when you see all those great shares but you don't want to send them all out at the same time. Plus if you wait and go back tomorrow they probably won't be there!

oh hallelujah!.jpg

So here's a step by step guide on how to schedule a post you want to share:

1. Firstly sign into Facebook and click on the post you want to share. You will see a link come up in the search/address bar.

2. Copy (use CTRL C) the link in the address bar,  (it will be really long) and paste (use CTRL V) back on your status (or the status of the page you manage). 

3. You will see the image come up in your new post. Then you can delete the link & replace it with your own copy & hashtags for your post. 

4. Click on the Publish arrow & select schedule. You then schedule this post and you're done. 


Whether you’re in big business or small, business to business marketing or business to consumer, the value of your customer list should never be underestimated. Keep those details under lock and key, literally.

The value of effectively communicating to your customer, one on one, can be enormous. You need to make your customer feel special – as if they are your only customer in the whole wide world. Definitely a cliché, but oh so true! Ultimately, you will be rewarded with their loyalty and referrals to their friends and colleagues.

Database is gold.jpg

If you’re in a small business and have a loyal following of customers send a text or make a quick phone call to let them know that there is new stock that’s just arrived. Make it personal, use their first name and if possible mention something particular only to them e.g. their favourite colour or favourite brand.

This personal touch can be something  that works really well particularly for small business – you make your customer feel like a VIP, it gives you an opportunity to develop a relationship where you can ask for constructive feedback and it can lead to referrals for your business. It really doesn’t have to take too much time and more often than not it will lead to a sale.

What data do you need?

This is a colossal question and one that is indeed paramount to the success in talking to your customer. So don’t rush with the answer. Obviously keep the basics – email, phone, address (if you are going to post to them) but also keep details that are relevant to your type of business. Think about the reasons why you will need to contact them – your monthly e-newsletter, tag in a facebook post, send an invitation or birthday card in the mail, a text about a 24 hr sale.

Keep customer data safe and up to date.

The Privacy Act 1988 which was again updated in 2014 to include the 13 Australian Privacy Principles is “an Australian law which regulates the handling of personal information about individuals.” You can read more here (

As a business you have an obligation to protect the customer data you have on hand, which means ensuring no one else is able to see or use that information. You must have each customer’s permission to include them in your marketing offers - something to keep in mind when you are building your contact list for email or SMS.

What do you do if a customer asks not to be contacted?

In a nutshell – you don’t contact them. If you are sending out an offer to your customers via SMS or email then by law you must provide them with an option to unsubscribe.

Should you need help building a contact list for your business we can help. Phone: +61 411797333 or email:

Has Facebook etiquette for business ‘gone out the door’?

Yesterday I came across a post on Facebook by a competitor of one of my clients. Nothing unusual about that except that they had used one of my client's images in their post. Initially I was a little shocked that a commercial business in a fairly small sized town would use a direct competitor’s image to promote their business. But then I stopped and thought: I'm sure it happens all the time.

Am I right? Does it happen all the time? Does it even matter?

Well frankly, I think it matters big time.

As businesses we go to great lengths to protect our image, our stock, our brand and yet it seems to be a free for all when posting on Facebook. Once I started digging around I realised this is not the first time these guys have stolen my client’s images.

So what is the etiquette about using other business’ collateral on Facebook?

Sharing a post is one of the best ways to acknowledge where you got your material from, as you are showing your fans the original content and your source.  I share a lot of stuff on my Facebook page as I believe it helps my audience but also helps them connect to the creator of that content  if they want to.

Posting quotes is very popular on social media all round – is acknowledgement of the person who wrote the quote enough or should the source of the quote be acknowledged as well i.e. the artwork, the photograph, the graphics?  

Writing a post and attaching someone else’s photograph is easy – probably a better word is lazy. Have we just become slack as the copyright police aren't really hanging around that much? The worldwide web has just become too big and it’s all too hard. Anyway you’d be pretty unlucky for someone to chase you down for copying their image, right? This in a nutshell means we need to self regulate – we need to be honest and openly admit that this is not our photo but we'll give credit to the source of that photo on our Facebook post.

Surely if I had to give a photo credit to my direct competitor in a small sized town then I probably wouldn't use the image in the first place? Problem solved.

Do you think Facebook etiquette in business has ‘gone out the door’? Was there really ever such a thing?  

4 Money Making Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing

Running a small business means juggling many priorities. Outsourcing various roles including marketing, is for many one of the smartest decisions they have made. It means there is a dedicated resource to concentrate on implementing the marketing activities across various media. It ensures the message you send out to your market place is cohesive & consistent & well frankly, it gets done!

It's the same as when you call in the electrician or the accountant - you are hiring an expert to get the job done. You possibly don't need them full time - but on a regular basis just the same. Outsourcing your marketing makes perfect sense. It means in the long run you will definitely save time but perhaps more importantly be your new found way to improve the bottom line. 

#1 Money Making Reason: Stay Ahead of your Competition

Marketing like most other professions is always evolving. Its important to keep up with the latest trends, testing, designs, marketing mediums - in other words what's hot and what's not! It's a lot to ask your existing staff to get their head around current marketing trends. Let's face it - do they really have the expertise or the time to do that?

Getting an expert in can ensure you are keeping up with what's happening right here, right now - & staying ahead of your competition. That means your opportunity to take a greater share of the market. Greater market share means more sales. More sales, more revenue.

#2 Money Making Reason: A Fresh Perspective

Does your business need an injection of VOOM? Maybe a fresh perspective? If its getting a little stale then growth will slow & market share will at best plateau.

Bringing someone from the 'outside' can help with fresh ideas or help identify where there are opportunities for new revenue streams to take to your existing customers and discover new ones. More revenue for you. 

#3 Money Making Reason: A little less talk a little more do

Many businesses (including my own at times) have some great ideas but often very little time to actually make it happen! You talk about doing some marketing but your staff never has the extra time to get that marketing 'wish list' started. So your marketing just never gets done. 

Outsourcing your marketing means you can allocate a time & a budget to ensure your great ideas become a reality. Great marketing ideas are no use in the cupboard - get an expert in to make them shine. 

#4 Money Making Reason: Stop wasting precious money! Make sure your marketing is working.

Have you been doing the same old marketing thing for years on end? Put bluntly, are you still marketing in the 20th century? Is it a little one dimensional? Should you be mixing it up a bit? Customers are very savvy these days. They are not just in one place - they are in many places all of the time. They want you to meet their expectations. Make sure you are finding them. 

Having someone who will make the tough decisions about what works and what doesn't will make you money. So why wait? Take the  first step and talk to us. Go on, make it happen!  




Smart businesses will not only enter awards to get the gold but more importantly, to develop better & stronger business process.

Over the last 5 years I have had the opportunity to be both a judge & an entrant for business awards that identify & reward business excellence. It has been one of the best professional learning exercises that I have ever undertaken. 

Yes, writing lengthy & comprehensive submissions & preparing your business for the scrutiny of a picky site judge is not only time consuming but pretty nerve wracking! However, my experience has shown me that the rewards far outweigh both the time taken & the damage done to a few fingernails.

Libby with the Nambucca River Tourist Park team winning Gold at the NSW State Tourism Awards, 2013.

Libby with the Nambucca River Tourist Park team winning Gold at the NSW State Tourism Awards, 2013.

Set tighter Business Goals & more stringent controls to evaluate outcomes

One of the benefits of entering awards is that you need to actually put down in writing what you planned to achieve and then identify whether or not you achieved your outcomes. This is much harder than it sounds. The best thing is that once you do write down your goals and then evaluate your outcomes everything about your business plan becomes much clearer.  

Show off (your awards) & earn more credibility

Having something new to talk about with your customers is a great reason to get in touch with them. Winning an award is a story that is not only interesting but provides credibility for your business. Make sure any awards you win (or have won) take pride of place & can be easily seen on the mantel as well as on the website, your signs, stationery & any online listings you have.

Grow your customer base & get more sales 

Ever noticed how people like to be around winners? Well once you are a winner more customers (new and existing) will want to be seen at your place. Have procedures in place to make sure you can deal with any extra demand for your product or service. Make sure your award winning business, from signage to customer service to your online presence, reflects the excellence you have been awarded for.

Network at Awards Nights 

Award nights can be a great opportunity to meet other like-minded businesses who champion business excellence. Some might be nervous but most are there for a good time, to meet other business people & to share their experiences and their stories. Make sure you mingle!

Make it easier to achieve more next year!

Once you've got a submission under your belt the next year just became a little easier. You've got a roadmap for the coming year, with a great framework to work within. A working document that can be tweaked & honed to ensure your business goes in the direction you need it to. All of a sudden you're all ready to enter more awards & win a gold! 


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