Bold Marketing Services

Does your business stand out?

Bold Marketing Services is a boutique marketing company - experienced marketers assisting small and medium sized business become a stand out in the market place. We are seriously tuned in to what you need today to be competitive. With more than 23 years experience in sales and marketing across a range of industries from finance to television to tourism, we understand traditional marketing principles and relate them to the fast paced digital world that you find yourself in today.

We want to work with you if you strive to be the best in your industry. Does your business champion knowledge, expertise and customer service? Do you believe that positive, strategic, long term results take solid planning, hard work and time? 

If you are that business or want to be that business then don't think about it any longer - get in touch today. We would love to help you make your business stand out.

A little bit about Bold Marketing Services

You've spent money on advertising for a while now but you're not convinced it's really working for you. You know you need to expand your customer base; communicate more often with clients; research more about what your competitors are up to; fine tune the website; redo your brochure; update your customer service strategy; get into Social Media; write something on your blog - not to mention revamp your advertising.

But you've got a bit on your plate with everything else on the priority list. So when on earth are you going to find the time to concentrate on really marketing your business?

Bold Marketing Services works with your business to ensure you stand out in the market place. Whether you need assistance across your entire marketing plan or on a particular activity or specific media, Bold Marketing Services has the experience to help your business. 

Marketing Manager, Libby Foster, has more than 23 years sales & marketing experience across a range of industries including television, publishing, finance & tourism.  She has managed marketing campaigns in Australia, Thailand and South Korea. Libby has worked with small businesses, medium sized businesses and within large corporations. More recently she has assisted a number of businesses who have made the decision to let go of the controls and outsource their marketing. Contact Libby today.






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